The Future of Health Professions Education

Get a qualification in healthcare simulation and patient safety with an internationally recognised simulation and patient safety research team.

Diploma and Master
of Science Levels

Expertise in healthcare simulation education and training and patient safety is an essential requirement for all healthcare professionals at undergraduate and postgraduate and for life long learning.

We have students from all health professions & disciplines and from veterinary medicine. We also have learners from healthcare management and support roles (simulation centre managers, simulation operative specialists and simulation technical staff) and from quality improvement areas.

  • Distance Learning

  • An Internationally Recognised Centre for Excellence in Simulation Education

  • AMEE ASPIRE to Excellence in Simulation

  • NASCE Accredited

  • ASPiH Accredited

  • US and UK Accredited Simulation Faculty (SSH and ASPiH)

  • Internationally Recognised Patient Safety Researchers



Health Sciences


Veterinary Medicine

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