Who Should Apply for Our Courses

A qualification in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety will help you to achieve your career goals in healthcare and simulation.

If you are a healthcare provider, a health professions educator or involved in health care simulation then completing one of our courses will be of benefit to you. If you are involved in research or have an interest in patient safety, then this course will be important for your career.

Both the Diploma and Masters’ courses in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety are on-line/distance learning courses designed to accommodate the busy healthcare provider or simulation centre team member. Healthcare simulation is the modern way to educate healthcare providers to achieve high performance and to improve patient safety. It encompasses manikin-based training for teamworking, task trainers for procedural skills, simulated persons for communication skills and virtual /augmented reality. Modern translation simulation is directly linked to improved patient outcomes and is important for health care organisations.

By completing the Diploma programme, you will learn how to use simulation in your own practice to deliver better safer healthcare. You will also learn how to use healthcare simulation for quality improvement, systems and process testing and for facilities planning.


By completing the Masters programme you will go on to understand how to use simulation for research and how it can support research.