What is Healthcare Simulation?

Healthcare simulation is a bridge between classroom learning and real life clinical experience. It is the modern way to educate healthcare providers to achieve high performance. It comprises of a range of activities that share a broad, similar purpose… to improve the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of healthcare services. It encompasses manikin based training for teamworking, task trainers for procedural skills, simulated persons for communication skills, virtual /augmented reality and serious games or games for health.

Healthcare Simulation can be used in the following ways


Over the past two decades the use of simulation to educate and train healthcare providers has progressed rapidly in terms of both the technology and the educational techniques used.

However, there has been a lack of education and training in how simulation equipment and techniques can be used to educate healthcare practitioners or integrated into existing curricula.

Simulation based learning and training is a safe learning environment where we can learn from mistakes and improve performance through deliberate practice and through distance learning.

Healthcare simulation encompasses medical simulation, simulation in healthcare, patient simulation, nursing simulation, surgical simulation, team based training, crew resource management, task training to mastery or fluency and clinical simulation.

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