ICAPSS in Galway

The Irish Centre for Applied Patient Safety and Simulation (ICAPSS) is located on the grounds of Galway University Hospital, Galway, adjacent to the National University of Ireland, Galway

The centre runs undergraduate and post graduate education and training programmes for Medical Students in NUI Galway and all Postgraduate Healthcare Professionals and Disciplines in Galway University Hospital and focuses on hi fidelity manikin based simulation and task training.

The School of Nursing at NUI Galway has 2 clinical skills laboratories in the undergraduate School of Nursing on the University campus.

The School of Medicine NUI Galway runs a standardised patient programme for medical students.

The ICAPSS team collaborate with the College of Engineering and Bioinnovate at NUI Galway to test new devices and prototypes before moving to the clinical setting.

The centre also tests the flow and layout of new clinical facilities and supports Quality Improvement initiatives.

Importantly, research into patient safety and improved patient care is a core part of the work of the ICAPSS team. The research areas of focus are:

  • Healthcare Education and Simulation
  • Patient Safety
  • Patient Doctor Experience

At the 2019 IMSH in San Antonio, the ICAPSS team were listed as having 2 of the top 10 most influential publications in simulation for 2018.

Further information on our research team, interests, projects and publications can be found here: http://www.nuigalway.ie/icapss/


Galway University Hospital
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