What Skills will I Learn?

Completing a healthcare simulation and patient safety course at the Irish Centre for Applied Patient Safety and Simulation (ICAPSS) at Galway University Hospital and NUI Galway will provide the learner with the knowledge and skills required to design and deliver simulation based educational programmes


Numerous Benefits

Benefits of simulation in your curriculum:

  • Advanced teaching and learning resources
  • Improved performance in procedural skills
  • Improved team performance
  • Ability to recreate uncommon but high risk events
  • Assessment at the “shows how” level
  • Deliberate practice in a safe environment

What are the learning goals for each programme?

Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety

Prepare the learner to run a simulation centre and use simulation for research, improving patient safety, testing equipment and processes, and integrating simulation into institutional healthcare training, education and delivery systems through distance learning.

MSc. Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety

Prepare the learner to deliver healthcare simulation, run a healthcare simulation centre, and carry out research on or using healthcare simulation through distance learning.

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