The main goal of the Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety is to prepare the student to run a simulation centre, use simulation for training, to improve patient safety, for testing equipment and processes and for research. The course is delivered on line through distance learning with 2 interactive face-to-face simulation workshops between September and December.


Course Outline

The course is a one year programme and is delivered largely through distance learning in an online format. This delivery method allows the student to study at a time that is convenient to them, no matter where they live. The modules are delivered using a combination of multi-media presentations, online discussion boards, and online tutorials. There will also be a need to attend our 2 interactive simulation workshops, each run over 2 days in the ICAPSS centre in Galway. These workshops are interactive and give the learner hands on experience and training in high fidelity simulation set up and debrief, task trainers, standardized patients, scenario generation, creation of virtual patient scenarios for e-learning and serious game design.

The course commences each September and is delivered in six sequential modules during the academic year, each module lasting approx. 6 weeks:

Module 1. An introduction to simulation and training in healthcare

Module 2. Simulation with manikin and task based trainers

Module 3. Standardised patients, virtual patients, and hybrid simulation

Module 4. Human factors and patient safety in simulation

Module 5. Uses of medical and healthcare simulation beyond education

Module 6. Running an effective simulation-based education programme

The course will be assessed by:

  • Student participation and reflection on discussion board activities related to the materials presented during the week of instruction.
  • The completion of e-tivities, and one end of module assignment for each module.
  • Participation, and reflection on, simulation-based teaching activities.

Diploma Cost (2022): €5,500 for a student from the EEA and €9,000 for a student from non-EEA

Career Opportunities

In the last decade there have been large changes in undergraduate healthcare education, postgraduate healthcare education, delivery of healthcare, and the working environment.

These changes have led to a large investment in simulation centres nationally and internationally. The Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety will provide the student with the expertise required to deliver simulation based education in their organisation within their specialty or on a broader scale, allowing to advance their clinical healthcare career. For students who are involved in running a simulation centre, they will learn how to design and support programmes and gain expertise in centre management, business and strategic planning.

Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety Entry Requirements

Simulation Masters

An honours Bachelor degree at NFQ Level 8

Simulation Masters

Demonstrated interest in simulation

Simulation Masters

Demonstrated proficiency in English

Simulation Masters

Previous experience or academic qualification

Entry Requirements Explained

  • An honours Bachelor degree at NFQ Level 8 in a relevant healthcare discipline (e.g. medicine, nursing, speech and language therapy, pharmacy or other health science), although applicants with evidence of at least three years equivalent professional/academic experience will be considered (e.g. Emergency Medicine Technicians, simulation technicians, centre managers).
  • Demonstrated interest in simulation.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English. IELTS score 6.5 required. Note: English competency IELTS score 6.5 requirement.
  • Previous experience, or an academic qualification, in the education
    and teaching of healthcare professionals.

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